We may have opened only a few years ago, but our story expands well beyond the official establishment and opening of Kidscapades. Delve into our background, explore our story and see why we love what we do: inspiring children to learn, grow and love through fun.

1991: Brittany, My Firstborn

She illuminated my life immediately from her birth and taught me all of what raising a child encompasses: compassion, patience… and more patience. Inspiring her to explore different avenues, from everything to basketball to band, she developed into her own unique individual. Fortunately, she has followed in my footsteps by inspiring children, young adults through education. She holds a B.A. in elementary education and communication from Western Connecticut State University.  Masters with honors in Media Literacy and Digital Culture from Sacred Heart University.   Brittany currently holds a position at Yale University.

1995: PaulMichael, My Second born

He was the quiet, well-behaved little boy, opposite of what the energetic Brittany was when she was young. He got himself into a little of everything as he grew up, eventually turning into “my little explorer.” He has never been afraid to travel to a new place nor take a risk—but in order to get there, he realized hard work and ambition are essential. PaulMichael has inspired me to be diligent and relentless when it comes to the success of Kidscapades. Our similar work-ethics motivate each other to do well, he completed a dual-degree in communication and journalism at the University of Connecticut in only a three-year time span. PaulMichael currently holds a position at NBC.

2008: Ed, My Husband

As my kids grew, I grew as well. They taught me to love and find happiness, again, and that’s exactly what I did in 2008 when my husband Ed and I married . We continue to encourage each other, Brittany and PaulMichael to work hard and enjoy life to its fullest!

2014: Kidscapades’ Grand Opening

Fast forwarding a few years later, Brittany and PaulMichael we’re off on their own and the nest at home was quite empty. But, I still had a knack for helping young children grow and develop. After spending 14-plus years working in elementary education as a paraprofessional, it appeared to Ed and I for it to be an appropriate time to open Kidscapades. The drive behind this endeavor is wanting to allow families to spend enjoyable, quality, non stressful time together and to provide children an opportunity to learn, explore and grow in a nurturing environment.

2017: We’re Three!!

We are extremely proud to be open for three years. Kidscapades continues to grow, courtesy of every exuberant and energetic child that walks through our doors. We’ve relocated to a larger studio space in Killingworth. We’ve added numerous activities to our lineup and have expanded beyond just a party-service. Our education continues as well. Elena, is now certified in AromaTouch massage technique ( combines the use of therapeutic grade essential oils with a special massage technique to produce profound whole body wellness) for children and adults.  She is also a Wellness Advocate, sharing the amazing health benefits of essential oils. However, as we continue to grow, we keep one business-fundamental consistent: the philosophies I instilled in my children, to learn, grow and love, are the main qualities we hope help teach to your children.

Elena Bigio, Kidscapades Co-Owner